Mobile Wallet Solutions

Imagine being able to easily implement an effective mobile marketing strategy – without the need of an app

Customers are always on their mobile devices and often forget about the paper and plastic found in their wallets.

How many times have you forgotten to use or lost a loyalty card or coupon? 

Distributing digital wallet content directly to your customers’ phone ensures that your coupons and loyalty cards are easily accessible, ready for use, and always up to date.

Digital Stamp Cards

digital stamp card

A customer retention strategy that works by building customer loyalty & driving store visits


Paper stamp cards and loyalty cards are often lost or forgotten by customers, meaning measuring the success of your loyalty programs are difficult as well as costly for you the customer.

Providing a digital stamp card on your customer’s phone allows you to provide the best user experience with easy management of pass updates, notifications and analytics.

Oh, and it’s more cost effect too!

Your customers top up their card balances wherever they are and spend their digital stored value cards in your store. Whenever. Easy as!

Generate cash inflow and revenue streams from customers upfront. Increase Efficiency by simplify the transaction process in-store and reduce wait time in lines. And no, there’s no app needed!

Digital Stored Value Card


Mobile Coupons

Mobile Coupons

Increase foot traffic and improve interaction with your customers

Mobile coupons allow you to instantly send promotional coupons straight to your customer’s phone.

The intimate relationship customers have with their smartphone make mobile coupons an excellent way for you to engage with new and existing customers directly through their mobile device.


Give your visitors more than just an entry ticket!

Keep visitors up to date with the latest information without ever reprinting tickets.

Go further and personalise the experience for visitors and use iBeacon to provide contextually relevant content for a truly remarkable event experience.

Distribute event tickets via SMS and email. Send push reminders and manage dynamic data by updating information (i.e. seat number, date, time, and location) on a pass. Use iBeacon to provide indoor navigation functionality. Validate tickets easily at checkpoints for efficient redemption processes.

Event Tickets