Mobile Wallet Referral Going Viral On Facebook?

Imagine being able to get one of your mobile wallets being referred and going viral on Facebook?

Or being able to tap into Facebook’s hyper-speed viral distribution platform and get your mobile wallet being seen by thousands?

Well you haven’t got much longer to wait!

One-click Mobile Facebook campaigns will allow you to distribute and promote digital mobile wallet content (passes) through Facebook’s 1 billion+ users.

This is perfect for leveraging your customers’ trusted social network to build your business.

Our Facebook Pass is 90+% cheaper than other marketing methods, you can receive 10 times more visibility than Facebook Newsfeeds and 25 times boost in lifetime customer loyalty.

Example: Your business uses OMMPass Facebook Pass to provide personalised passes to your customers and facilitate easy sharing via Facebook. In return for sharing your mobile wallet referrals, your business provides bonus loyalty points to your customers by way of thanks.

As users share your pass with their social network, visibility of your brand increases exponentially.

All managed from our platform.


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